Our talented, experienced and committed staff provide all our students with a wonderful balance of learning and discovery, nurture and support, growth and development, all within the framework of Yiddishkeit and Jewish Life. Please find below a list of all the people who make Sholem Aleichem College the perfect place for your child to begin their formal Jewish Education. 

Principal: Mrs Helen Greenberg

Assistant Principal: Mr Constantine Roubos

The Preschool Education Centre

Director of the Preschool Education Centre        
Cheryl Israelsohn

Preschool Officer
Xanthe Hooks

Team Leader/Teacher: Junior Alef
Lynette Krupp
Galit Yomtovyan

Team leader/Teacher: Junior Beys
Kate Dodson
Cathy Colla

Team leader/Teacher: Junior Giml
Stephanie Khan
Margaret Doutch

Team Leader/Teacher: Senior Alef
Dora Khait
Lana Gurevich
Esther Same

Team Leader/Teacher: Senior Beys
Nathalia Bastos
Julieanne Ngo

The Primary School

Director of Curriculum Grade 3-6
Robyn Klein

Director of Learning Support
Sharlene Wertheimer

Director of Music
Sally Holzer

Prep Teachers
Samantha Kirszner & Carla Magid

Year 1 Teachers
Mandy Rodkin & Selina Rutko

Year 2 Teachers
Leah Mand & Rebecca Yacobovich

Year 3 Teachers
Tammy Bolaffi & Joel Lewis

Year 4 Teachers
Mandy Segal & Hailey Hobbs

Year 5 Teachers
Elise Nankin & Michael Grossman

Year 6 Teachers
Dvora Zylberman & and Con Roubos

Yiddishkayt, Jewish Languages and Culture

Director of Jewish Studies and LOTE
Anne Gawenda
Preschool Yiddish / Jewish Studies Teacher 
Tsipoyre Gelman

Preschool Yiddish Teacher Assistant 
Fay Mest

Primary Yiddish / Jewish Studies Teachers 
Freydi Mrocki
Einat Orbach
Pearl Sclarr
Reyzl Zylberman
Dvora Zylberman
Miriam Chester
Rebecca Yacobovich

Preschool Hebrew Teacher
Itai Michaelson

Primary Hebrew Teachers
Itai Michaelson
Carla Magid

Primary Jewish Informal Educator
Reyzl Zylberman

Specialist Teachers/Staff

Primary School Learning Support Coordinator
Sharlene Wertheimer

Preschool Learning Support Coordinator
Talli Brajtberg

Bright Sparks Program Teacher
Constantine Roubos

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Teachers
Einat Orbach

The Gap Program Teacher
Samantha Kirszner

The Bridges Program Teacher
Samantha Kirszner

Primary Teachers Assistants
Joanne Aarons
Janine Nissen
Jackie Jacobson
Sara Wigney
Ellen Fry
Juleeza Wertheimer
Amanda Gecelter
Natalie Samuel

Specialist Teachers/Staff

Director of Learning Support 
Sharlene Wertheimer

Wellbeing Coordinator 
Deb Samuel

Information Technology Coordinators 
Michelle Nachsatz
Joel Lewis

Heath and Physical Education Teacher 
Daniel Molnar

Information Resources Centre (Library) 
Michelle Nachsatz

Visual Arts Teacher 
Joanne Davis

Preschool Performing Arts (Music) Teacher
Laura Uhe

Primary School Performing Arts (Music) Teachers 
Sally Holzer
Laura Uhe
Ilana Perlich

College Office

Business Manager 
Dianne Rich

Assistant to the Business Manager
Fiona Thai

Administrative Services Manager
Christina Athanasopoulos

Development and Marketing Director
Brad Felstead

Admissions Officer
Leah Mason

Preschool Officer
Xanthe Hooks

Assistant Accountant
Tina Mu

HR Payroll
Kyra Napoli

Social Media and Digital Marketing
Eva Betts

Greg Hatch