At Sholem Aleichem College we take great pride in being preschool and primary school specialists. We know these years provide the foundations upon which a child’s future success and happiness are based. We also believe that the early years are the most important time for a child to build their love of Judaism and Yiddishkayt.

The opening of our amazing Kronhill Pletka Wing capped off one of the most important phases in our history. We now look ahead to the needs of our youngest students.

Our College focuses strongly on delivering our promise of “Make Mine a Mentsh”, and we know how important the early years are in enabling us to honour this commitment.

While still supporting the entire College, this year’s Annual Appeal will focus on our youngest learners. Your support will enable us to upgrade and modernise the facilities within our Preschool, ensuring we provide the best possible experience for all our students.

Please partner with us as we provide our children with ‘Values for a Lifetime’, the essential stepping stones to assist them with reaching their full potential.

Support our annual appeal today!

You can now donate simply and easily online to any of the following funds by clicking the button under the fund you would like to donate to.

Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.

Buildings and facilities fund

By contributing to the building fund this year, you will be assisting with upgrading and modernisation our wonderful Preschool. Our building and facilities program ensures the provision of the very best educational facilities throughout the College, guaranteeing all our rooms are modern and engaging.


Scholarships and bursaries fund

For the gift that keeps on giving please consider making an endowment. A named scholarship, or a contribution to our scholarship fund, will help us with continuing to assist families whose children may not otherwise receive a Jewish education. Our dream is to provide a broad and exciting Jewish education to children regardless of their financial situation.


Jewish Education Fund

Empower us to provide our students with the very best Jewish education they can have. Your contributions to this fund are targeted solely at the Jewish Life elements of what we do at Sholem, such as cultural, linguistic, or historical activities, programs and events.


Sharing your simcha

Sholem Aleichem College greatly appreciates receiving donations from people, in lieu of receiving personal gifts, at the time of a Simcha or special occasion. Our students are also encouraged to consider giving Tzedokah (charity) to the College to mark their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Please contact us for more information.

If you would rather not donate online, you can contact the Development Director at or on (03) 8527 3000 for further information.


Download the Sholem Aleichem College Donation Form here.