Gateway Fund

Gateway Fund


What is the Gateway Fund?

The Gateway Fund is a once-in-a-generation financial assistance program that that will last for the recipient’s entire journey at Sholem Aleichem College.

It is designed to help more parents access an exceptional education for their child in academia, Yiddish, Hebrew, the arts and sport.

The Gateway Funding will cover a considerable portion of a child’s school fees. The amount of Gateway Funding will be determined by our Fee Committee on a case-by-case basis.

We are offering this stream of funding in addition to the existing fee relief arrangements we already provide for many families.

What makes the financial assistance through the Gateway Fund different to other bursaries, concessions or scholarships?

The financial assistance provided through the Gateway Fund is locked in for the entirety of the student’s time at Sholem Aleichem – from prep through to grade six.

Once a child has been approved for Gateway Funding that arrangement is locked in and parents never have to apply for it again.

Who is eligible for Gateway Funding?

Any parent who wants a Sholem Aleichem education for their child but feel they cannot afford it is welcome to apply for assistance through the Gateway Fund.

There is no strict criteria for eligibility although there will be a means-tested selection process as there is a limited number of places for Gateway Funding each year. While we will ask for some financial information, we aim for this process to be as unobtrusive as possible.

We understand that paying fees, even when subsidised, is a major financial commitment for many families. We are offering Gateway Funding and fee subsidies so that families who may not otherwise be able to afford an outstanding Sholem Aleichem education can still enjoy a decent quality of life.

What is the process involved?

The first step is to contact Natalie Snelling, She will refer each application to our Business Office. The application process for Gateway Funding is the same as requests for fee relief.

Each application is considered by the fee committee who will determine what level of financial support our college can offer for each child. Parents will be contacted with an offer that the fee committee considers reasonable for their circumstances.

What will you do with our information?

This is a strictly confidential process. Any information that parents provide will not be shared with anybody, including teachers or any staff members.

Who sits on the fee committee?

Two members of the Sholem Aleichem council make up the fee committee. We never have current parents of children at the college on this committee to ensure utmost discretion and confidentiality. Staff members, including teachers and administration, have no access to any information about applications for financial assistance.

What happens if our financial circumstances change?

Parents who receive subsidised fees must re-apply for fee relief each year to ensure they are still eligible for this financial assistance. However, Gateway funding is exempt from this process. Once your child receives Gateway Funding, it is locked in for their entire journey at Sholem Aleichem, regardless of any changes in your financial circumstances.

We have more than one child. Do siblings automatically receive Gateway Funding?

Gateway Funding is provided on a case-by-case basis. However, it is not necessarily limited to one child per family. Gateway Funding may be provided to siblings of existing recipients if the Fee Committee deems it appropriate.