Application Process

Application Process

Sholem Aleichem College is an open entry, secular, Jewish primary school and preschool. Our student intake is not restricted to religion, locality or area of residence and we provide an inclusive broad education. Children enrolling at our College receive a smooth transition that enables them to become part of our community with a minimum of disruption and maximum support.

To provide an efficient process of enrolment that satisfies the needs of both the students and the school.

Enrolment Criteria

1.  All families wanting to give their children a secular Jewish Education.
2.  Preference is given to families with children already at the school, or Preschool, or the child of a Sholem graduate. Please note however, that should you currently have a child in the Preschool and you remove that child from Sholem for Primary School, additional children are not guaranteed a place in the Preschool. Sholem also has the right to withdraw offers for the preschool if siblings (currently in the Preschool) are removed from the school for Prep.
3.  Families are accepted according to available places once registration has been completed and the registration fee has been paid.
4.  Upon acceptance of a place, all children at the College are enrolled through to Grade 6.
5.  Students enrolling at our school as part of a Prep intake will be required to provide proof of age (indicating that they have turned 5 years of age by the 30th April of that year) and an immunisation certificate.
6.  A child who is less than the minimum age of entry for Victorian schools but has transferred from an interstate school is eligible for enrolment. Evidence of age and full-time enrolment at the interstate school must be provided.
7.  Other parents seeking early age entry for their children must make a written application to the principal.
8.  Students with disabilities and impairments will be enrolled along with all other eligible children (as long as Sholem Aleichem College can adequately meet the child’s needs). Prior to commencement, a meeting must occur with the Director of Learning and a support group must be established.
9.  Contact will be made with previous Schools and Kindergartens of all students seeking enrolment or transfer to discuss the circumstances of the transfer, to seek a transfer note or an immunisation certificate (if enrolling), and to discuss the child’s development and learning to date. The Principal has the authority to defer admission until after enquiries have been made with the previous school.
10.  Students will be allocated to classes according to a combination of class size and student need.

When submitting an enrolment application, parents acknowledge their acceptance of the policies and philosophy of the College and their commitment to work in cooperation with College personnel for the benefit of their child.

Acceptance of an offer to enrol a child at Sholem Aleichem College indicates that parents understand their children will participate in the College’s general and Jewish studies programs.

All enrolments will be at the discretion of the Principal.

Please download the Registration form here.

Please download our full ENROLMENT PROCEDURE here.