About Sholem

Sholem Aleichem College is a secular Jewish Early Learning Centre and primary school located in Melbourne, Australia. We aim to foster a love of Jewish culture, history, festivals and traditions in an inclusive community setting.

At the heart of the College is the study of Yiddish language and culture. Our students are immersed in a rich diverse general curriculum of Jewish Studies, Hebrew, literacy, numeracy, the arts, health and physical education. 

We work towards the highest academic standards, always focused on compassionate tailored methodologies that encompass the various learning and well-being requirements of every student.

We are proud of our fully integrated Respectful Relationships Program, our latest digital and pedagogy systems, our intimate Bridging and Extension groups and our dedication to instilling a lifelong love of learning and inquiry.

Our purpose is to cultivate in our students a passionate Jewish identity, and a sense of belonging to the worldwide Jewish and Australian community with strong ties to the State of Israel.

Sholem Aleichem College aims to achieve excellence by providing a vibrant educational environment, fostering a harmonious working relationship between students, teachers and parents.

The College promotes cooperation, mutual respect and the values of freedom, peace and social justice.

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