At Sholem Aleichem College we recognise each child as an individual, with unique requirements, discoverable talents and characteristics. 

We believe in education for the whole-person so that our students can be knowledgeable, creative, and socially, spiritually and ethically aware. We aspire to cultivate ‘mentsh’, contributing and fulfilled members of the local, Jewish and global communities.

We provide outstanding education in an environment where children can develop their self-worth and sense of responsibility.

We support and nourish the diverse abilities and talents of our community by providing a broad academic and co-curricular program.

We work as a team, and encourage strong interpersonal relationships between staff, students and parents to create a supportive encouraging community.

We believe every child should have the opportunity to experience success, to develop a strong sense of self, unshakeable community ties and a love of exploration and learning.

We provide an inclusive Jewish education, which incorporates the teaching of Yiddish and Hebrew language and culture. 

We promote the teaching and learning of ‘Values for a Lifetime’.

"Our trilingual program inspires our children to discover the joys of learning about themselves, their heritage and their world, as well as wider global issues and history. We foster a love of Jewish culture in a secular inclusive educational setting."

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