Co and Extra Curricular Programs

Our Co- and extra-curricular programs at Sholem Aleichem College cultivate well-adjusted, independent individuals who are also team players. Primary students can participate in several activities that complement the regular curriculum and form part of a coordinated approach to an all-round education. 


Sholem Aleichem College delivers excellent academic results year on year due to hard work and application by our students throughout the school year. We balance our academic focus with art, sport, music, performances, competitions and community initiatives that allow each student to celebrate their individual interests and talents whilst developing self-worth and confidence. 


Our commitment to Music and the Performing Arts as cultural expressions have always set Sholem Aleichem College apart. Sholem Aleichem College has a long history of excellence in the Performing Arts and we continue to build that history through our Instrumental Program and a range of community performances and musicals, concerts and movie making. 

Every Sholem Aleichem student who is involved in private music tuition, both in and outside the school, is given the opportunity to perform at the annual soirée where individual children can showcase their talent.


Sport is considered an integral part of each student’s education. The main objective of our program is to instil in our students a love of sport and lifelong commitment to health and fitness from kindergarten through to Grade 6. Primary students participate in an annual swimming program, and in sporting competitions with School Sport Victoria and The Victorian Jewish School Sports Association. Students also compete in inter-house competitions such as the Annual Athletics Carnival, which is a fun day to build up some team spirit and consolidate skill-based learning.

Creative Arts

Students experience a range of creative arts technologies and processes including drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, ceramics and sculpture.

With a strong school emphasis on sustainability, our art program encourages students to use recycled materials. Students are able to explore the elements of art including line, shape, space, form, colour, texture and value through a wide range of materials and resources.

Art is linked to the topics and yontefs covered within the classroom and offer students the opportunity to express their knowledge and understanding in imaginative and creative ways. In art we encourage students to be confident, creative and reflective learners.

Beyond the Classroom

Community Engagement - Sholem Aleichem College students participate in many performances in the community – Montefiore Homes, Emmy Monash, and Gary Smorgon House, Jewish festivals, Yom Hashoa, Yom Ha’atzmaut and the In One Voice Festival.

National Academic Competitions - Our students participate in the National Competitions for Maths, Science and Computer Studies organised by the University of New South Wales.

AFL Programs - Sholem Aleichem College promotes AFL football throughout the year with a number of activities and programs that cater for all ages. The College is involved in Auskick, The AFL Multicultural program, the AFL Jewish Schools Cup, AFL player visits and match day experiences.

Inter-house Athletics Carnival - In December our students from Prep to Grade 2 participate in novelty events such as; Egg and Spoon, Sack race, Bean Bag throwing and Relay races. Senior Primary students participate in Track and Field events such as Hurdles, 400 metres, Shot Put, Discus and Long Jump.
Residential Camp Program - Students in Years 3 to 6 attend various school camps. The students take part in many team-building tasks and learn the value of sharing, communal living and independence. These activities are a compulsory part of the curriculum, and all students are expected to participate.


Sholem Aleichem College runs various Extra-Curricular opportunities, during lunch, afterschool and in some instances may be inter-school related. These include clubs, Coding and STEM based activities, Rock Band, Robotics, Gardening, Running, Lego, Chess, Art, Drama, Makerspace and Movie Making. 

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