Transition Programs

As specialists in Early Years education, we believe that each stage of a child's educational journey is important, including transitioning. We are proud of our well established and successful Transition Programs.

Shabes Simkhe Program

Our free Shabes Simkhe program for babies and toddlers is an opportunity for your child to attend fortnightly sessions on a Friday at the College during the school term. 

Children attend accompanied by a parent, grandparent or carer. All participate in a range of activities including singing and music, dance, stories and a Shabes Simkhe.

This program is booked on a term-by-term basis and offers children the opportunity to become familiar with the College and for families to connect and reconnect with others in the Sholem community. 

Sessions are led by an experienced educator and are open to all.

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Early Years Transition Program

Our tailored Early Years Transition Program is designed to help young children transition smoothly from kindergarten to primary school. The program includes a series of activities and events aimed at familiarising children with the primary school environment, routines and expectations.

An important priority for us is that all children, new and existing, feel happy and secure, as quickly as possible. We also provide families with support, guidance and resources such as information evenings as they move into the next stage of their child's educational journey.

Buddy Program

Our Buddy Program is a mentoring program in which older students are paired with younger students to provide guidance and support. The program is designed to foster positive relationships between students of different age groups, improve social and emotional development, and create a sense of community within our College.

Our Buddy Program helps our younger students feel more comfortable and confident and also assists older students to develop leadership skills, empathy and a sense of responsibility.

For more information, please contact our Baby and Toddler Program Coordinator or our Early Years Transition Coordinator. Or complete the form below. 

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