Learning at Sholem Aleichem College is highly engaging and meaningful. Alongside developing a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, our students develop the dispositions they will draw upon as life-long learners. Our culture of thinking in action approach embeds the thinking moves relied upon for understanding into everything we do. Rich inquiries engage our learner's curiosity and empowers them to be problem-finders and solvers who take action for a better tomorrow.

We are proud of our high academic standards and the supportive guidance on offer. We believe in the potential of all students; providing the resources and opportunities to enable broad learnings and socio-emotional development.

Our Jewish and General Studies curriculum is further enriched by an extensive language program and an array of co- and extra-curricular activities that promote awareness of the individual as a member of both the Jewish and wider Australian communities. Our dynamic cultural learning enhances the benefits of a diverse transdisciplinary curriculum in which students explore learning connections across the curriculum. From the Humanities to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) our students benefit from a broad education.

Our teaching staff aim to cultivate self-discipline, self-reliance and initiative to create life-long independent learners. Most importantly we know and deeply value each member of our College community.

We encourage students to be responsible risk takers and to take agency over their own learning in a nurturing College environment.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Sholem offers leadership opportunities and builds resilient learners with strong work ethics and critical skills in decision-making, leadership and enterprise.

Students leave as well-rounded young citizens with a love of learning and the drive to be active members of society.

Our Buddy program is a further opportunity for promoting and developing leadership skills in our senior students, while also helping our littlest learners integrate into the Sholem school community.

"Sholem - inspiring today’s curious learners to become tomorrow’s purpose-driven leaders."
— Constatine Roubos, Assistant Principal

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